Protests escalate against the Vietnam War.

NASA: Three astronauts are killed in a fire aboard Apollo 1. That same day, three countries sign the Outer Space Treaty. NASA continues to launch four spacecrafts this year.

Remarks: A dividing line is crossed to engage vast populations of people in gross immoralities. Various rock and roll groups try to relay this message through music.


In the spring of this year, mother suggested that we breed our German Shepherd to provide an educational experience for brother and I. Mother reflected on her positive experience with her childhood dog that also had puppies. I was excited about this idea and offered any assistance required. Mother contacted the American Kennel Club (AKC), who provided her with information regarding kennels in the area specializing in this breed of dog. A local kennel was contacted and arrangements were made for a sire. Mother would not permit me to view the breeding process which was fine with me. A week or so prior to the expected delivery date, father built a whelping box in the downstairs laundry room for the German Shepherd to sleep in to accustom the dog to the desired place for the birth of her puppies. Mother worked two days a week and this day that I returned home from school, she was at her place of employment. Upon arriving home, I sought out the dog who was nowhere in the downstairs living area. I nervously climbed the stairs calling her name and began searching the upstairs bedrooms. My parent’s bedroom contained two twin beds that were pushed together. I located the German Shepherd lying in father’s bed with two puppies that had already been born. Frantically, I telephoned mother at her job with this information. She hurried home to attend to the birth of four more puppies. When father arrived home from work, he was stunned and aghast to discover this brood of newborn puppies on his bed. Mother dog and puppies were relocated downstairs to the whelping box and father spent a few nights on the couch during the bed cleanup process. I immensely enjoyed these puppies and mother and I became involved with a German Shepherd dog club that was years ago established in the area. After deciding to keep one puppy from this brood, I became involved in dog training and dog shows where several ribbons were won over the course of several years. At one time, we owned five dogs and father’s threat to leave, when the dogs outnumbered the people in the house, never came to fruition.

Frequently on a Saturday or Sunday, my family would drive to New Jersey to visit with relatives. Our first stop along the way was usually to great grandmother’s home where we would sit in the kitchen eating an apple tart that she always made on Saturdays, and exchanged news. If we visited on Sunday, the apple tart had a moth ball taste as she always used camphor in her cabinets to ward off flour bugs. I learned to politely decline that tart on a Sunday visit. Great grandmother always reminded us of the daily pill she had to take for an illness. I had great empathy for poor great grandmother who was required to take a pill every day, in order to continue to live.