me that the dog had crossed directly in front of her car many miles away from our home while she was returning from a shopping trip. Upon arriving home, one ran to the dog, embraced her and noted that her paws were red, bruised, and cut in areas. Expecting a litter of mongrels to be born sometime later, mother was pleased that the dog apparently was completely focused on returning home and rejected a natural instinct to mate. One could not believe this miracle of the dog’s return and henceforth always believed this dog to be a special animal.

Retrospective: Thought should be given to the selection of a relevant and significant Confirmation name by the Catholic candidate. For a student to select a saint’s name that has no meaning or importance to the Confirmation candidate suggests a lack of respect for family, mentors, or close friends by the young person. To assist one with the selection of a Confirmation name, choose the name of a living or deceased relative, the name of a godparent, a mentor, or the male or female version of the name selected by one’s parents should one have been born of the opposite sex. For example and hypothetically, if a girl named Catherine had been born a boy, the parents would have selected the name Michael. Catherine therefore may want to select the name Michelle for her Confirmation name as it is the feminine version of Michael.  Paint sprayers sold in the stores are based on the same concept of the rocket ship toy. Paint is placed in a container where air is pumped into this container and compressed. A hose and handle connected to the container releases paint when a lever on the handle is depressed. The amount of paint released is based on the pressure applied to the handle lever. Is it possible that air pressure could be used to operate machinery including vehicles with minimal fossil fuel energy (or perhaps solar energy) required to operate an air pump to be fed into an engine? If this is possible then air is a clean, unlimited, free, and safe source of energy. Accidents, mistakes, and an inability to think clearly are sometimes the results of a hurried environment. As a greater number of mother’s engage in various employments, summer camps are established to fulfill child care needs. Many times punitive laws are enacted effecting all individuals, due to the carelessness of a few people. Our family’s home life began to reflect to a greater extent the happenings within the society. Sadness, aggravation, annoyances, confusion, a sense of hurriedness, fighting, fear, and frustration for examples became a part of everyday living. Leisurely walks and explorations of nature provided a relief for me from these emotional upsets.

Historical Accounts 1967: 16

The body of Dr. James Bedford becomes the first to be preserved through a process called cryonics on June 12.

The Great Britain Parliament decriminalizes homosexuality on July 4.

The Great Britain Parliament approves abortion on October 25.

The Beatles release “I Am the Walrus” on November 24.

The United States, States of Colorado, California, Oregon, and North Carolina approve abortion. 17