learning to read, was replaced with a whole language approach resulting in serious illiterate problems of students extending into upper elementary to high school years for some. Secular schools today do not seem to subscribe to the old adage of wisdom that states “If it is not broken, then do not fix it”. Many instead subscribe to “If it is not broken, then break it”, an obvious evil rendition of the anti-good.

Literature reading programs in secular schools many times, require the reading of violent, pornographic, and psychologically bizarre books, furthering evil’s desire to convert the youth to deadly agendas of immorality. Certain reading incentive programs, some involving outside groups are shown to be corrupt. The outcome of one reading program pressures parents to dine at a specific restaurant through the issuing of coupons to students, while the teachers promoting the program, earn free airline tickets. Inviting outsiders into the secular schools for various programs creates at minimum diversions and distractions from learning and at maximum inflicts sometimes irreparable damages on students, such as those school programs offered through Planned Parenthood.

There seems to be a correlation that providing more money to schools, has resulted in poorer academic student achievement. Also realize that most of the additional money funded to schools is to provide for the ever increasing salaries and annual pensions of secular school staff.

Explicit sexual education programs causes anxiety, embarrassment, and sensations of incredulity in many student’s psyche due to being taught such a personal topic in a communal setting. High school locker rooms and showers provide little privacy for changing into gym and sports uniforms. It is likely in an evil society such as this, that much immorality has transpired in the secular school’s communal “bath houses”. In addition, school sports uniforms, cheerleader’s dress and other sports team’s attire, has become increasingly scanty over recent years. Expanded school sports programs have resulted in an inordinate amount of academic time, used for frivolous activities. After graduating from secular schools and obtaining employ, many employers have found it necessary to teach employees basic reading, writing, and grammatical skills as the secular school employee is unable to function competently in their job due to a severe lack of basic educational skills.

To remedy the serious problems in today’s secular schools, several suggestions are offered with the following. A return to the exclusive teaching of the six subject areas (reading, writing, mathematics, history, geography, and Bible study), that were successful in the past are needed as well the addition of science. These subject areas should follow in sequence from year to year to build a solid foundation and provide relevance for the students. Computers should not be used or be relied on by students, for the duration of grades kindergarten through eighth grade. Special remedial or advanced programs for some students should be offered before or after school or during recess, to prevent needless interruptions and distractions for all students during the designated school day. Mandatory after school hours volunteer programs, to involve high school students in the community, benefits both students and recipients. Benefits to students include an expanding of their understanding of others through important compassionate work in perhaps by serving in nursing homes, hospitals, social service programs to feed and house the needy, or by serving the community in other ways. Through