could result in an illness related to the central nervous system or possibly even SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Read 2007 regarding our experience with granddaughter bathed in a shallow bath at two weeks old. It is prudent therefore to sponge bathe the infant until three months old. The booklet promoted the use of a rectal thermometer to ascertain the infant’s body temperature but advised parents not to insert the thermometer too deep. A less invasive and accurate way to obtain an infant’s body temperature is through the use of a digital ear thermometer. For an illness with symptoms of congestion, the booklet stated that parents should insert saline drops into the infant’s nose. These drops irritate the sensitive membranes within the nostrils that could cause further infection. A cool mist humidifier was advised to be used to alleviate congestion. Cool mist humidifiers dampen the environment perhaps resulting in the chilling of the ill infant. A hot mist humidifier is the logical choice for this circumstance. The booklet also instructed parents to use a nail clipper to trim infant’s nails which could result in cuts to the baby’s fingers. One recommends using an emery board to trim a newborn’s nails.

One was dismayed to learn that two States in the United States approved the use of marijuana, a substance that was formally classified as a narcotic and an illegal substance. Years ago in the 1960’s and the early 1970’s, it was taught in the schools that marijuana contains a substance known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that causes genetic and chromosome damages to the human body which can result in organ damages including brain damages. Marijuana use also increases the risk of birth defects in the future children of the users of this substance. The above instruction prevented me from becoming involved in the use of this narcotic. Also, due to this approval of a narcotic substance by two States in the United States together with other like prescription drugs written and prescribed by remedy specialists, one wonders about the possible recourse of those who have been imprisoned due to engagements in this narcotic and other similar narcotics.

Frequently, spouse would bring granddaughter to local area playgrounds for an outing. On one occasion, granddaughter reported to me that she saved a baby from possibly being hit by a car because the toddler wandered far away from the parent and was exiting the fenced playground through a gate. Granddaughter viewing this scene quickly retrieved the young child and alerted adults in the area to this circumstance. Also occasionally reported were young children that wandered freely in front of and behind children using swings and slides resulting at times in injuries to the toddlers. The above are merely two examples of adults not minding or carefully watching their children or the children they are responsible to care for. Instead parents and other adults are seen mesmerized by a cellular phone or engaged in conversation with other adults.

A story was reported in the media about a high school student and her parents who objected to global positioning devices installed in students’ identification badges. The parents litigated against the school district due to this requirement stating that the global positioning device installed within the student identification badge was an invasion of personal privacy. One agreed with the position of the student and her parents however at the same time realized the current widespread use of these devices. For