of Capital Sins, and Abominations and serious prayer to God with repentance and penance for sins committed will hopefully remove this situation of tyranny so people in the society can accomplish the positive moral changes within the society as explained in some circumstances in The Bible.

By the beginning of the fourth week of January, spouse, after much diligent job searching over the course of the previous two and one half years, secured a job in the industry of his experience.

Throughout this year, I spent much time reading books, three of which I deemed to be important and are included in the book list shown in 2006 and specifically identified in the addition of 2008. Daughter had returned to her full time job which required me to care for her infant daughter. The child brought much joy to spouse and me throughout this year as we both enjoyed caring for her. This experience also led to the contemplation and subsequent resolution of thought that unless financial circumstances are dire for grandparents who care for their grandchildren while parents work, no money should be exchanged between close family members for this arrangement. I was also aware of child tax credits granted by the government where tax money collected, is returned at the end of the year to the parents for child care expenses. I do not believe that close family members or grandparents should charge taxpayers for providing care for their own close relatives or grandchildren. I also believe that evil gains an influence over the participants of this innately and potentially vastly corrupt system and arrangement.

Through the progression of information added to the website of consequencesofabortion.com, one began to realize that important testimonies written by others like myself would be of great benefit and perhaps life saving, to other individuals who are reading and also hopefully recommending these stories to others. A worthwhile, timeless book read at this time that contained some testimony of the age of the fourth century is “The Confessions” written by Saint Augustine where one recognized that similar immoralities were occurring in this age as are occurring today. Another testimonial book of interest read that is also relevant to current times is “The Mammoth Book of Eyewitness Ancient Rome”.

One afternoon in December as I was in the process of writing and sending holiday greeting cards, I was reminded that a relative had moved from the address of the prior year. Mother, who usually keeps tabs on family address changes, was not available to speak with so I impatiently decided to check for this address on a directory on the internet. After finding the relatives’ new address on the internet, I experienced a wave of guilt after realizing that I had likely engaged in a form of coveting because the relative did not grant permission to have the home address posted on the worldwide internet.

I realized this year that older small appliances were more efficient and designed to function properly as compared to new small appliances recently purchased. For two examples, in the early 1990’s spouse and I were given a gift of a coffee pot that attached to the bottom of a cabinet to provide for no loss of countertop space in the kitchen. The coffee pot operated well for many years and so when it ceased to function, one purchased the same brand and type as a replacement for the prior coffee system. After installing the new under the cabinet coffee pot and preparing coffee one immediately became aggravated because the spout on the new coffee pot caused the coffee poured to spill onto the counter.