An unprecedented heat wave kills more than seventy thousand people in Europe from June to August.

An earthquake in Iran on December 26 kills and estimated twenty six thousand people.

NASA’s space shuttle Columbia explodes upon entering the atmosphere for a scheduled landing in Texas. All seven astronauts on board were killed.

Remarks: Many people die in wars and natural disasters. The implications of genetic identification and how this relates to Biblical teachings are made known to me in 2011. Read the Commentary on Genetic Identification regarding the possible consequences of engaging in the use of this technology.


Recognizing that there were no real positive developments to remove the evil Planned Parenthood influences from the secular public schools, I investigated hiring an attorney to possibly litigate against this organization which I believed to be in clear violation of government laws regarding minor (underage) children. The following is the letter sent to an attorney together with other information, concerning this matter. Identifying names and locations have been removed.

“Enclosed is information regarding the September 11, 2001 catastrophe, the influence of Planned Parenthood in (said) county, and common school practices and agendas (occurring) within our (school) districts. Demographically, people residing in this community have achieved a middle to upper middle class lifestyle. Most people residing in (said) county have attained a (school) degree beyond a high school diploma. Certainly, the community is representative of (where) the people of America aspire to be, at least economically. So, it is difficult to fathom the “mindset” of so called experts working within our school districts and government.”

“Please review the editorial written by (a public school nurse) and printed in the (local newspaper) on October 13, 2002.”

“(The school nurse), is the president (of an important nurses association), and a nurse at (said high school). After reading her editorial, my understanding is that (said school nurse) is recommending the services of Planned Parenthood to our minor children and is likely advising school nurses throughout the State to do the same. It also appears that this advice is given to our underage children without parental knowledge. If you agree with my interpretation of her essay, then our children are in grave danger.”

“If this perverted advice is given to children by revered adults in our community and State, I can guarantee that this sinister promotion of immorality and destruction to children is occurring to school children nationwide. Parents, who love their children above all else are not made aware of their child’s potential deadly behavior by trusted “professionals” who are aware.”