One afternoon, a young woman called at our home to procure signatures for a potential candidate who desired to be elected to a local political position. At that time, I had only glanced through articles on the internet that strongly suggested that the voting system was corrupt. I decided to return to the evidence regarding corruption in voting at a later date as I was immersed in gathering information on the abortion issue and delivering this information to leadership. The woman asked me to sign a petition to endorse this particular candidate for political office. I stated to this person that I had found some information on the internet that strongly suggested that the voting system was corrupt and that I would not endorse this candidate due to this probable fact. The woman stated that many people know the election system is corrupt and told me to sign the petition. A wave of unusual confusion overcame me as I asked the woman to leave and ushered her out of my home. My days of regularly voting on election days were over at this time as well as a past retort to people who did not vote but still complained about political and social issues. This retort was “If one does not vote, one has no right to complain” as this adage was based on a false notion that the voting process and election system was legitimate. Finding out about the corruption in the voting system was devastating for me especially by 2004, when at that time I began to research this issue further. The book “Votescam” however together with other information found on the internet brought me out of my mood of desolation as it was suggested that a sinister, worldwide conspiracy by a relatively few individuals, was well underway to gain complete and total control over vast populations of people (tyranny). I decided to also alert people to this likely fact.

In January, I convinced spouse to accompany me to the March for Life in Washington D.C. and to attend the conferences sponsored by the March for Life organization that were scheduled two days prior to the March. Spouse and I drove to Washington D.C., leaving daughter and son in the care of mother and father (due to possible attacks by evil) as this visit required two overnight accommodations at a hotel. At the conferences I was made aware of the severe population decline in the peoples of Europe largely due to abortion. Apparently immigrant groups were increasingly fulfilling the necessities of societal functionality in Europe. I believed that this was also occurring in the United States. At the hotel of the conferences I glanced around the lobby only to view too many young people sitting on the lobby floor who were tattooed, body pierced, and disheveled in appearance and who were supporting an end to abortion in the United States through the attendance of The March. At that time, I thought about what I could do to further assist in ending this Great American tragedy. A speaker at the March for Life Conference was an attorney from the Texas Justice Foundation who stated that this legal group was in the process of litigation to overturn Roe versus Wade. I believed this to be a step in the right direction but realized that the support of many more people was probably necessary to overturn this court case. Several weeks after arriving home from the March in Washington D.C. and on March 24, I wrote and sent the following letter together with some of the previous letters shown in this book, to two attorneys of the Texas Justice Foundation. The names of the attorneys have been removed. The county of my residence has also been removed.