tickets or a meal card for two meals and a snack daily for each person would likely reduce gluttony and food waste on cruise ships. Charging a price for each meal is another idea that would also likely help to eliminate the wanton discarding of food on cruise ships. Perhaps the posting of daily itineraries in various locations throughout the cruise ship, instead of submitting itineraries under each cabin door, would provide passengers with a more relaxed atmosphere. The schools alone cannot solve the problems of an immoral society. An effort by all major societal groups, individuals, and parents is necessary to remove evil from within the society.

Historical Accounts 1996: 52

The first small and light weight cellular telephone is introduced into the market place on January 3 by Motorola.

A ferry sinks in Tanzania on May 21 killing about one thousand people.

The first mammal, a ewe named Dolly is cloned in Scotland on May 21.

In the United States and on June 12 a panel of federal judges rejects a law against obscene material presented on the internet citing the right to free speech and expression.

A cyclone in India kills approximately one thousand people on November 7.

NASA examines a meteorite found in Antarctica and suggests that this rock contains evidence of life from the planet Mars.

Remarks: Many people purchase mobile cellular telephones subjecting themselves to dangerous radiation. People become increasingly reliant on these telephones that cause sometimes accidents or fatal distractions. Some people continue to interfere in jurisdictions of God through the cloning of mammals further likely inciting His wrath against the people.


In December of 1996, mother and father visited at our home in Florida for the Christmas holidays. Father was being treated by a physician for a long standing problem. I noticed that he developed a physical problem that was most assuredly not related to his long term illness. I inquired of mother and father if the physician attending to him on a regular basis had noticed this other ailment and the reply was no. With this information, I insisted that father see another physician. Upon arriving home in New York in January 1997, father visited with a few physician specialists when it was finally determined that father had a serious, life threatening problem that required timely surgery. I made arrangements to travel to New York for father’s surgery which was thank God, successful. Rehabilitation at a specialized hospital was necessary for his recovery. So after recovering somewhat from the surgery which was about within two months, father was scheduled for therapy. I, once again arranged to travel to New York to visit with him and mother during some of the time of his rehabilitative therapy. Joining him at a