Hurricane Andrew strikes South Florida on August 23 causing $26.5 billion in damages. No human casualties are reported.

Hurricane Iniki that caused $1.8 billion in damages to the Hawaiian Islands of Kauai and O’ahu on September 11 was reported to have caused six deaths.

Riots beginning in December in India kill more than one thousand people.

An earthquake in Indonesia on December 12 kills approximately two thousand five hundred people.

A civil war in Afghanistan that continues to this day has killed more than one million people.

NASA launches the first flight of space shuttle Endeavour.

Remarks: It appears that some major storms incredibly and unbelievably, have resulted in relatively low human casualties.


By January, I had completed the studies at the university, for a master’s degree in elementary education. I attended the graduation ceremony in May earning a MS (master in science) degree with a 4.0 graduating cumulative grade point average. At about this time, one planned to return to academia to earn a PhD in a field of which I was uncertain.

Most of our spare time during the spring, summer, and autumn was consumed with repairing the inherited house of father in law. Spouse and I desired to rent the house until the time daughter and son were grown where we seriously contemplated dividing the property in two and giving each child a half acre lot to build their own home. I wanted daughter and son to remain close throughout their lives, assisting each other when needs arose. The house was a small two bedroom cottage that was originally built in the 1920’s most likely used as a summer home as there was no insulation in the outside walls. Some of the interior of the exterior walls were removed due to extensive damage where we noted that newspapers from the 1920’s were used as what appeared to be, a kind of insulation between the inside lathe and the outside wall. Father, brother, spouse, and I insulated the exterior walls and then sheet rocked the interior side of the walls. The house water was derived from a well on the property that left rust stains on the porcelain plumbing fixtures. The health department was contacted to test the safety of this water for consumption. It was determined by them that the water was safe to drink, but contained a high iron content caused from the pipe leading from the well to the house. The rust stains necessitated the cleaning of the porcelain fixtures daily so I investigated connecting a water pipe from the house to town water. A neighbor told me that there was a waterline in the street running adjacent to the house. This was also verified to me by a representative of the water company. With this information, an excavator was hired to dig a trench for the waterline. A plumber was hired to convert the well water system to a town water system and to install the water pipe from the house to the street. When the line was ready to be connected, I telephoned the water company to schedule a connection