Historical Accounts 1991: 46

An earthquake kills approximately one thousand two hundred people in Pakistan and Afghanistan on February 1.

A well known media promoted physician, assists patients with suicide. One State revokes his medical license on February 5.

Operation Desert Storm ends on February 28. Approximately thirty five thousand people are killed in this seven month war.

The Croatian War begins on March 31. More than ten thousand people lost their lives in this civil war.

A cyclone kills one hundred and thirty eight thousand people in Bangladesh on April 29.

A bank is indicted for defrauding depositors of five billion dollars on July 29.

The deception of the dissolution of the Soviet Union occurs. Illuminated Communists have likely assumed control of the world.

Remarks: Physician assisted suicide makes its debut. Many people die in a cyclone. This author has suggested the reading of some books and websites in the bibliography of this book to substantiate the fact that world power and control has been assumed by a relatively few individuals largely due to the fact that a majority of people no longer abide by The Ten Commandments, avoid Capital Sins and Abominations.


Father in law, a strong and determined man for his age continued to farm an acre of property surrounding his home where he mostly grew tomato plants. Some of these tomatoes that he harvested were the size of large grapefruits that he shared with family and neighbors. He also raised chickens, rabbits, and owned a flock of fancy pigeons. One day he desired to remove himself of the pigeon hobby and so captured these birds and put them in a box that was then loaded into his automobile. He drove many miles away with them and then released the birds into a large wooded parkland area. Upon arriving home from this trek, he saw the pigeons waiting for him on their perch outside of his house. By the autumn however, father in law, a feisty eighty two year old World War II veteran, had to be hospitalized for a condition that was apparently not related to his terminal diagnosis. After a day or so, father in law commented to spouse about the good and friendly care he was receiving at the hospital. He remarked that many physicians stopped by at his assigned room to greet him and inquire about his health. Expecting him to be quickly released from the hospital, spouse and I were horrified when informed by a hospital staff member that father in law had suffered a debilitating disorder rendering him incapable of speech and the consumption of food and liquids. The physician advised spouse and I that a feeding tube inserted into father in laws abdomen could result in infections. While spouse and I