Commandments to serve justice for example (whether to serve justice to oneself or to the society) , and does violate one or more of The Ten Commandments to serve this justice, then one is listening to Satan (the grand deceiver), and not God. God the Creator of Earth and Universe surely does not rely on people to do His Will through the violation of The Ten Commandments (this includes serving justice to people who are violating His Laws). It is likely however, that among other requests, God has given the responsibility to knowledgeable people to teach or instruct other ignorant people of God’s Laws and other behavioral expectations of people that God demands for a moral society where people are happy, loving, prosperous, satisfied, and just.

The ancient Mayan Indians believed that an apocalypse, change, or resolution would occur during the fourth week of December 2012 based on astronomical observations that were incorporated into their calendar system. Based on these ancient calculations, many people throughout the world expected a change, a new beginning, or apocalypse to begin on the date of December 21, 2012. The Hebrews differed with the above date of apocalypse, change, or resolution stating that monumental changes were expected in 2016 (Hebrew year AM 5776 and AM 5777). I believe both statements of time frame to be correct. To prepare for this change and to return the society back to a religious and moral foundation, my suggestions to the people are to abide by The Ten Commandments and avoid Capital Sins and Abominations. It is also recommended that people, to the best of their ability interpret The Ten Commandments for today’s modern and technological society to help themselves in their own lives and to assist society in the removal of evil doers in positions of authority. Earnest prayer to God, repentance, and penance for sins committed is necessary to gain God’s support and favor as well.