household by the partners while other money is kept in an account for an individual’s exclusive use. One has noted that animosities and resentments surface in a couples’ relationship due to this arrangement. When I saw the size of the test tubes to take my blood for a job position, I should have walked out and found another job as this practice is, in one’s opinion an unethical requirement to obtain a job due to its’ pervasive invasiveness.

Historical Accounts 1985: 40

Mohammed Al Fayed buys a famous London department store on March 11.

About ten thousand people are killed in a cyclone on May 25 in Bangladesh.

A powerful earthquake kills over nine thousand five hundred people in Mexico on September 19.

The first of a series of video game systems is released on October 18.

A volcano erupts in Colombia on November 13 killing twenty three thousand people.

The first Arabic Muslim travels in space for NASA as a payload specialist.

Remarks: Muslim’s become more visibly involved in the Western world. Three natural disasters result in the deaths of many people. Attention deficit disorders in children become more prevalent at about the same time video game systems are marketed to the youth.


The winter of this year was a gloomy one. A childhood friend had died at the young age of twenty eight years old from what I believed to be an illness caused by over exposure to environmental toxins. I attended the wake and funeral. At about the same time, I began to hear about other high school classmates who had died or were seriously ill.

It was about at this time that I began to believe that we were being overcharged for our school, town, county, and local taxes. Our house was shown on the tax rolls to have been newly built in 1983. I stated to spouse that at least one third of the house rests on an old foundation. The fireplace and some exterior walls were also from the original building built sometime in the 1930’s. A family member suggested that I research other houses in the neighborhood comparing their home and taxes with ours and provide this information, together with the information concerning the old sections of our house to the town assessor. I researched houses in the immediate surrounding area built in the 1970’s. In some cases, the square footage of these homes was considerably larger than ours, and they were paying less in taxes. I delivered this information to the town assessor together with the information concerning the older sections of our home. I requested that our assessment be pro- rated or averaged and reduced based on the sections of the home constructed in the 1930’s. After a short time, I was notified by mail that our application and request for assessment reduction was denied. Sometime later in the early 1990’s, I was informed that many people in town were hiring private firms to reduce their home