After Sikh security guards assassinate Prime Minister Indira Gandi on October 31, anti Sikh riots cause the killing of perhaps twenty thousand or more Sikh’s in India over the next four days.

A poisonous gas leak from a Union Carbide Chemical plant kills over eight thousand people and injures over one half million people with twenty three thousand people later dying of their injuries beginning on December 3.

A famine in Ethiopia kills one million people.

Two NASA astronauts accomplish the first tether free space walk.

Remarks: It appears as though some children are being abused in daycare as their parents earn money at jobs. Many people in comas eventually regain consciousness and so should not be considered to be volunteer “organ donors” (as many times other people give apparent permission (mind control?) for the donation). One has noticed “cause and effect” situations in many of the historical accounts. A return to the following of The Ten Commandments, avoidance of Capital Sins and Abominations will hopefully curtail or greatly reduce worldwide violence and disasters. The poisonous gas leak in Bhopal, India detrimentally effects the environment to this day.


Partially due to the loss of a second salary, spouse sought and was hired for a higher paying job within the industry of his experience. Still, we were on a very strict budget having sixty dollars a week for food and baby formula after all the bills were paid even though spouse had more than doubled his salary in just five years. The prices and costs of taxes and services such as utilities, insurances, various home repairs requiring the hiring of tradesman for examples, were skyrocketing. This necessitated stretching the dollar as far as it would go. Turkey, ham, chicken, chopped beef, and pasta, were the main food fare. Garage sales and rummage sales provided for the extras. This financial situation was all worth it to me as I was happy and enamored with our baby daughter and always seemed to manage to engage in pleasant activities with her costing little or no money. Returning to full time work to earn extra money was not worth the sacrifice of losing precious time with our baby.

By the spring of 1985 however, I decided to seek part time employment to cover one particular debt that we had incurred. The position was for employment on holidays and weekends leaving husband to care for infant daughter. I applied for and was hired to work in a medical facility. Prior to employment, it was required that five medical tests be taken on my blood thus requiring five test tubes of blood. I reluctantly agreed to this requirement. Thinking the test tubes to be small (about three inches in height and a half inch in width, as seen in school laboratories), I was aghast to see the size of the test tubes used. They were about eight inches high and one inch wide. After taking this blood, I thought that I would faint and so was told to rest for awhile. The position was for a job where I had access to medical records. A record viewed contained information about a young woman who was the mother of a young child and who was pregnant with a second child. The woman and her unborn child died due to the