twelve years old debuts. I was pleased with this documentary news show and was under the impression that “60 Minutes” solved some problems and assisted in serving some justice within the society. Women demand admission to formally all male colleges and universities. It appears that the government and corporations are fully deciding the value of money. NASA continues launches into space.


We were informed by great aunt that compassionate great grandmother peacefully died in her sleep to our astonishment as she appeared to be in good health during a recent conversation. Mother and father decided that brother and I would not attend this funeral of grief. Mother chastised me for watching too much television and encouraged me to read books instead. I agreed with her and stated that at times cartoons and other shows created a sense of frustration in me and stated said that I would rather be “doing than watching”. Mother provided me with many books that she had read as an older child and suggested that I read them. I opened one book and turned the yellowed pages and began reading. The characters described in the book seemed old and outdated and so I decided and told mother that I was not interested in reading these “ancient” books. She purchased me a Nancy Drew mystery book and the “right” reading material was found. I read every book in the Nancy Drew series during the next two years.

Frequently, and on our way driving to a shopping area, mother and I would pass a stately white building with several large white columns supporting the front roof. The building had a large sign attached in the front of the building identifying it as a Masonic Lodge. I asked mother to explain to me the definition of a Masonic Lodge. She stated that it is a place where Mason’s regularly conduct meetings and they are a group to “stay away from”. Additionally, it was implied that they were involved in some vague form of corruption. Years later and by the 1990’s this building became The Church of Scientology. By 2010, one recognized the similar agendas of both groups.

By the end of the 1960’s the State of New York permitted all retail concerns to remain open for business on the Christian Sabbath Day of Sunday thus effectively negating blue laws that required Sunday closures of many retail outlets prior to this time. The above legislation resulted in for those people who were not well versed in abiding by The Ten Commandments, avoiding Capital sins, and Abominations an increased influence over those individuals by merchants who desired to sell their wares on God’s designated day of rest. Also employees of the merchants were largely expected to work on the Sabbath Day. Declining to work on this day could have resulted in job dismissal for some employees. This legislation also likely contributed to an increased sense of hurriedness and anxiety in most all people living in the society. Obviously, the negating of blue laws were related to other immoral factors occurring in the society which were an increasing  general disregard in adhering to God’s Laws by many.

Sixth grade was my final year of attendance at the elementary school. Teachers dedicated a large percentage of this year to the preparation of students for a new educational experience in junior high school. So, instead of one teacher, I had two teachers because the subject areas were divided. My English teacher was especially fussy and taught in the methodical traditional method of an earlier