are working for the good and best interests of the family group. All members of a family group should cooperate and abide by the older patriarchs and matriarchs of the family as it is more than likely that these people have greater wisdom due to a larger number of life’s experiences, as compared to the younger members of a family group. In other words, “Honor your mother and father” that also likely includes in this Commandment of God, grandmothers and grandfathers. Crowding people into a small area is used by evil doers to further agendas of immorality to include abortion. I noticed vast tracks of uninhabited land during my drive throughout the United States where it seemed at times that I could drive for hours without viewing a home. Over the past one hundred years, people have been increasingly directed and crowded into metropolitan areas perhaps to aggravate secular people thus leading to further public support for abortion agendas. Proof of this mechanism used by evil was stated to students in the college classrooms of the late 1960’s and 1970’s. Some college professors informed students that given the current population increase each person would have by a near future date, the equivalent room of one eight and a half inch by eleven inch piece of paper for living space. Obviously, this instruction contributed to the ever expanding evil within the society. I visited thirty nine States to deliver and inform people of the consequences of abortion and the suggested need for moral change within the society.

Historical Accounts 2004: 61

South Korean scientists report the cloning of thirty human being embryos on February 13.

Except for voting rights, the Vatican becomes a full member of The United Nations on July 1.

A hurricane in Haiti kills over three thousand people on September 13.

The world’s highest bridge opens in France on December 14.

A horrific earthquake and tsunami devastates Southeast Asia killing more than two hundred and fifty thousand people on December 26.

The tallest building in the world opens on December 31 in Taiwan.

NASA’s Scramjet achieves a new world speed record which was recorded at nearly 7000 miles per hour.

Remarks: Scientific ethics by 2004 appears to be a non issue. One of the worst natural disasters documented occurs in Asia. Hours prior to the tsunami striking, some people reported that animals inhabiting the area were seen flocking to the hills and mountains.


Combining a statement made by an author in an important, out of print book written in 1970 with Bible reading and subsequent interpretation, I realized that God, the benevolent Creator would never allow other evil human beings to invade and infiltrate the personal privacy of moral people to include family homes, automobiles, and other places where people congregate for meetings, discussions, and other