workers in some professions, the cost for those particular goods and services are higher in comparison to the rest of the economy. The work of evil is apparent here as the young are being indoctrinated to pursue a select few career choices.

Evil desires to remove the wealth from the populace. One way to achieve this is through corrupt economics.

Commentary                                          Science and Technology

Extra sensory perception (ESP) is the delivery of information through the transmission of thoughts. The first person documented to identify this phenomenon named Joseph Banks Rhine was a botanist who later developed an interest in psychology. Rhine, who was born in 1895 and died in 1980, conducted his research into ESP beginning in 1930 at an Ivy League university in the United States. Initial testing in ESP began with the use of cards where subjects were required to fully focus on the content of a hidden card and then state to the researcher the information the hidden card contained. It was discovered that diversions, distractions, and boredom negatively affected the outcome of the testing as subjects were not able to divulge the content of the hidden cards under these conditions. Rhine and other researchers also discovered that people believing in ESP scored higher than people who did not believe in ESP. Those who believed were identified by the scientists as sheep and those who did not believe in ESP were identified as goats. It is likely that Bible believing and God fearing people did not participate as subjects in these experiments. By the 1960’s and 1970’s psychologists became more interested in ESP and incorporated this phenomenon into the specialized fields of cognitive and humanistic psychology. In the 1980’s through to 2000, people increasingly gave credibility and believed in ESP as thoughts and perhaps answers were being transmitted from one individual to another or group. During this time period the media also continually promoted ESP to the public through informational news stories but by the year 2000, ESP media “news” abruptly ended. Recognize that there is likely a correlation between ESP, brainwashing, and mind control where these bizarre incidences become more and more prevalent as the society increasingly degenerates and engages in greater immoralities. ESP is the same as the “sixth sense” which was also promoted to the public through media and taught in schools. The sixth sense is a sense that people were newly acquiring, as evil progressed in the society which was in addition to the normal five senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling.

Genetic engineering is the changing of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) through manipulation, modification, and a recombination of DNA and genes. The first mixing of DNA occurred in 1972 when a monkey virus was combined with a lambda virus. The first manipulations of an organism occurred in 1973 in E. coli bacteria with the insertion of foreign genes. Later and by the 1990’s biologists had genetically engineered some agricultural plants and products. At about the same time and in 1990, the first person was apparently injected with alien DNA to cure a stated disease. This type of genetic engineering is known today as gene therapy. An informative article titled “Designer Babies” by Shannon Brownlee published in the Washington Monthly in March of 2002, ( ) discusses the relatively new